Gravesend Ferry

Jetstream Tours operates the ferry service on behalf of Kent County and Thurrock Council from:

Gravesend Town Pier to Tilbury Landing stage

This service operates 6 days per week (Monday-Saturday) all year round.

During ferry hours a bus service also operates from Tilbury Landing stage to Tilbury Town station but is not included in the ferry ticket. 

Whether you are Commuting, taking a trip for leisure, going shopping, having a day out or joining a cruise ship from Tilbury Cruise Terminal, the ferry is a great way to cross the river and visit the county of Kent or Essex.

The ferry is the most cost effective way from getting between Kent and Essex. 

Try a new route today and see how much time and money you could save!

Tickets available from this attraction

Saturday 6th April 2019


An open day return ticket. Available for 1 day only for use aboard the Gravesend-Tilbury Ferry. Visit Kent or Essex and experience the other side of the water. No need to book, just turn show your Big weekend ticket onboard.

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Gravesend Town Pier,



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