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Faversham, a town steeped in history from pre-Roman times. Today, it is home to more than 450 listed buildings, many with very interesting stories. Only one place in England has more listed buildings per square kilometre than Faversham. (Be sure to ask your guide which it is.)  The walks take between one and a half and two hours and are not physically demanding, although part of the walk may involve cobbles.

Starting at the Fleur De Lis Heritage Centre Museum, (12 Preston Street), the walks include Preston Street and the Market Place with the iconic Guildhall. On the way, discover where two Saints lived and worked before discovering why the Guildhall has Regency upper parts on a Tudor base. Passing along Court Street you will see many interesting buildings and will discover which monarch was held captive here and another who was alleged to have had his face slapped by the mistress of the house.

Abbey Street is described as “one of the finest medieval streets in Britain”. Every building has a tale to tell or a feature to admire. The existing architecture spans many centuries and is lovingly preserved today. The scene of a murder, so famous in its time that it inspired a play that is still in the repertoire of the RSC is here. See the house where the victim was found. Was Shakespeare the playwright? What happened to the abbey after which the street is named?

The Abbey Physic Community Garden stands in the grounds of the Old Grammar School. If you have time, delay your guide and have refreshments here. The school, now Freemasons’ Hall, is an excellent example of a Tudor building. The path then leads to St Mary of Charity Parish Church, larger than some cathedrals and, in Kent, exceeded in size by only Canterbury and Rochester cathedrals. Its’ crown spire, visible for miles around, is one of only eight in the UK. (Ask why this design was chosen.) Inside, see the painted column dating from 1306 and the tomb that allegedly holds the remains of King Stephen.

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Faversham Town Walk

Saturday 4th April 2020 2pm tour

Kent Big Weekend winners win a guided walk for 2 people which lasts approximately an hour and a half to 2 hours.

The walk will start in Faversham Town Centre and winners will be informed of the starting location when they present their Kent Big Weekend voucher at the Visitor Information Centre.

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10-13 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent. 

ME13 8NS
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14.00 - 15.30
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Adults £5, Accompanied children £3
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Faversham, 400 metres miles